January 29, 2021
Tucson Home Inspection Water Sewer Lines

Home Inspector in Tucson Arizona missed a big one?

Like many illnesses, some house problems don’t show up overnight. A blocked or damaged sewer line often falls in this group. Jack Randall, a Home Inspector in Tucson recommends spending a little extra to have the sewer lines scoped. Blocked or damaged...
December 2, 2020

Disturbing Well Water found during Home Inspection

During a routine Home Inspection in Vail Arizona, the home inspector Jack Randall with Arizona Home Inspections found this 1995 manufactured home to be far from a routine inspection. For the age of the home, the usual suspects came up...
October 10, 2020
Good Tucson Home Inspector | Broken Beams

Finding a Good Tucson Home Inspector and What to Ask

You've found the right house, you have an accepted contract, and your loan is in place. But before you start packing; be sure you hire a professional Tucson Home Inspector to make sure your house doesn't have any major defects that could cost you down the road.
September 16, 2020
Before the Home Inspector in Tucson arrives

What to look for before the Home Inspector in Tucson Arrives

November 24, 2019
PEX Piping for Tucson Home

Is PEX Piping the next Plumbing solution for your Tucson Home?

Buying a Tucson home with PEX piping? My name is Jack Randall, I'm a full-time Tucson Home Inspector and have been so since 2001. I have inspected countless Tucson and Southern Arizona homes with the PEX installed and feel it necessary to provide a little information regarding this product...
November 2, 2019
Pack rats in Tucson

Pack Rats in Tucson!

As a Home Inspector in Tucson, AZ, I see Pack Rat nests and damage to homes all the time. However, I have never come across damage to the interior of the main Electrical Panel – that is until...
September 2, 2019
Qualified Tucson Home Inspector finds New AC Unit Issue

Qualified Tucson Home Inspector Finds New AC Unit Issue

New Construction inspections are on the rise. The qualified Tucson Home inspectors at Arizona Home Inspections by Jack Randall are busier than ever these days due to the increase in...